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Pantry LA welcomes you to indulge in the finest selection of modern day gourmet goods.

Gourmet Goods

Pantry LA is driven by art, flavor and health, working with renown brands and local chefs to curate a gourmet grocery inventory and daily grab and go items to be rivaled by few. International biodynamic products driven by unique ingredients that are seasonally grown. Go ahead, explore your palate with us, or select a few items and flex your own creativity at home.

Coffee & Tonics

Libation [lahy-bey-shuh n] noun: a pouring out of liquid in honor of a deity. We are all gods and goddesses. Therefore our coffees and tonics were created to serve as earth born medicines. Why crave just caffeine when we can heal so much more. Pantry LA is here to turn your vices into vitalities. Elevating your mind and body is easy when we carry it on tap.


We may not have all voted to legalize cannabis in California; however, we should all know the difference between recreational marijuana versus hemp oils, tinctures and proteins. Pantry LA takes pride its exclusive selection of hemp products geared to reduce inflammation without being psychoactive. Our staff is particularly educated and trained to help you understand why the hemp plant is the underground lord of healing disease and the war on aging. Come in, ask a few questions and feel the difference.

Beauty & Nutrition

Our skin never turns on us. We turn on our skin. Pantry LA knows with great depth just how deeply plants effect our health. And if you want to tell how healthy someone is, just take a good look at their skin. You are what you eat. Cliche? So what. It’s true. The moment we allowed ourselves to be carried away from skincare grounded in organic compounds, we allowed toxins to do the glowing for us. Just like your relationships, choose not to settle for less.


One word. Biohacking. We’ve already stated the cliché “you are what you eat,” but what about your thoughts and physical interactions? Pantry LA is committed to the full spectrum of well-being. We want to do more than just enlighten your taste buds and illuminate your skin. We want to pick you up where life dropped off. Because how else could you appreciate fine foods if everything else is not aligned. Good food requires good company. Speak to one of our clinicians and let’s radiate supreme health without drugs or surgery. We’ve got moves you haven’t seen before.