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Dr. Christara Avaness

Pantry LA customers can directly message general questions here.

For more customized guidance, I’m excited to share that the Pantry LA community can also use our Integrative Lifestyle website to schedule an Integrative Lifestyle Consultation via telemedicine. The website links to a secure, HIPPA-compliant portal, where patients can fill out intake paperwork and also upload relevant medical documents. I will personally review this information and customize a high-enzyme nutrition protocol and herbal supplement regimen. I may also offer guidance on other lifestyle factors to optimize their specific wellness goals. I will send the customized treatment plan through the secure messaging portal and then meet with them via telemedicine (video appointment) to discuss the treatment plan and answer any questions they may have.

For more severe or complex cases, I will make a house call so that I can assess the patient in person. These patients would follow the same protocol as above and schedule a 30-min telemedicine visit, however, I will use that time to conduct a thorough review of the medical documents that they upload to the secure portal (and we will not meet for a video appointment) – instead I will come with my full line of herb testers to check the patient directly at their house.

Christara Avaness, DO

Christara Avaness, DO is the Director of Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine at Mend. Dr. Avaness is a Family Medicine physician who takes a unique approach to disease prevention and health promotion through lifestyle. Dr. Avaness focuses on treating her patients with a customized high-enzyme nutrition plan as well as phytoceuticals (herbal medicine extracts) that have been globally sourced and carefully curated. Dr. Avaness received her medical training at Western University of Health Sciences and received her Bachelor of Science in Biology/Biological Sciences from the University of Southern California.

Cara Ceaglio

Cara is a wellness resultant and guide who helps you go inside your energetic, gut and functional system, to reset your body and your energy for long term health, happiness and quality of life.

What Cara Does To Support You And Your Health Goals

Cara uses the worlds leading full body and energy assessment tools to find and define the hidden, unidentified dysfunction that is interrupting your health, energy and relationships. She then uses result focused processes to reset and maintain a new healthy way of being.

Why Cara Is Highly Sought After

In a world of alternative therapies and limited scope medicinal solutions, Cara bridges the two with ease and efficiency. From stem cell therapy, to ozone treatment, to healthy bacteria resets to the latest tools in multi sensory healing Cara ensures you are carefully understood, correctly diagnosed and thoroughly supported now and in to a brighter future full of potential.

How Cara Supports Your Health, Growth And Transformation Journey

1. Cara will assess your current health and body, and define your health history to ensure she understands your path to date.
2. She then diagnose your short, mid and long term needs to maintain your new healthy state
3. She then customizes a solution with you that will deliver your goals, meet your specific needs, and works with your lifestyle.


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